The air conditioning system allows to create a comfortable environment in which you feel best, with the proper temperature and humidity. Modern air conditioners provide clean, healthy, fresh air, reduce the humidity level in air and prevent mold growth. These conditions are achieved without draughts and noise. It is scientifically proven that: - Accidents occur more often at the limit of the ambient air temperatures - the optimal temperature is approximately 20 °C. - In case of too high ambient temperature, mental activity and work rate level are significantly reduced. - It is clear that the ambient protection depends on a number of external conditions. - In order to ensure comfortable and efficient ambient conditions for the building, it is necessary to give due attention to its infrastructure. Air conditioning not only creates comfort for you and provide clean and healthy air, but also has a positive impact on the operation of equipment in the rooms. Particularly important role is played by air dehumidification function. Low room air humidity level ensures a long service life of your equipment. In order to ensure the best operation of equipment in the room, it is advisable to maintain relative humidity level of 40-60%.