Banana ripening chambers

Projecting and installation of rooms for bananas and other fruits (avocado, citrus, mango, peach, kiwi, papaya, pears, tomato, tabaco) ripening in ethylene atmosphere. Hermetical gas-tight rooms is made of poliurethane sandwitch panels with high thermal ressistance, electricaly operated gates, air curtain - system which ensures air and gas flow through fruits boxes. Production cooling procedure is performed by cooling plant with compressors and refrigerant with ultra low GWP potential – 146 which makes refrigeration system environment friendly. All the ripening period air is blowed by speccial installation of fans which has direct/reverse rotation possibility so air is blowed through both sides of production by configurable period of time. Ultrasonic water fog makers installed in rooms can raise humidity up to 92% in room which increase ripened fruits quality. Ethylene injections is controlled by sensors and time parameters, with this type of controll with the same amount of gas possible to ripe 4-5 times more bananas instead of only timer controll.

How to control the whole ripening process?

All the process is controlled by digital programmable controller:

  • Five days temperature - time program;
  • Fans speed regulation depending on temperature difference between banana boxes;
  • Programmed ethylene injection;
  • Programmed air renew control;
  • Cooling and heating of production, ripening and storage program;

System is accessible through internet, possibility to control from laptop, tablet or cell phone.

What is approximately price for a standart fruit ripening chamber?

Base preliminary price of 10 pallets capacity banana ripening room without mounting jobs and transport - 26900 Eur + VAT.  Real price possible to calculate after getting drawings of building and seeing exact location where room has to be installed. Room can be exceeded up to 24 pallets, minimum step is 2 pallet. Every extra pallet prelliminary cost 1000 Eur + VAT. Fiting jobs of 1 pallet takes around 10 days, every extra room takes about 3 - 4 days.

What is included in one standart fruit ripening set?

  • Sandwitch panels (with poliurethane foam) for wals and ceilings;
  • Matterials needed to install room - PVC, metal, U profiles and corners;
  • Rapid gates;
  • Curtain system for air distribution;
  • Decompression box with fans and inverters for speed control;
  • Humidity system with ultrasonic mist maker;
  • Air renew system with CO2 concentration sensor;
  • Ethylene injection system with ethylene concentration sensor;
  • Refrigeration system with compressor, evaporators and remote condenser;
  • Electrical heating system;
  • Central control unit for calculations and banana ripening process control;
  • Internet monitoring system;
  • LED lights installation in room;

Fruit ripening rooms could be installed all over the world

We could project and install ripening rooms in all countries where it is possible. We had experience in different continents, countries, so distances it is not a big obstacle.

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