Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ekosaltis - Your suplier of ultrasonic humidity - mist generators which is generaly used in vegetables and fruits cold rooms, ripening rooms for increasing quality, flowers industry, greenhouses and etc. Generators use pjezoceramic principle which produces cold mist, thanks to this cooling equipment is not overloaded for cooling it down to room temperature. Humidstat is included so the humidity can be controlled by setpoint, timer or manualy. Humidifiers is by default equiped with plungers inside which close the valve automaticaly after reaching water level needed for correct operation, thanks to this it can be connected straight to water suply line without additional equipment. No need to use soft water because heating, which cause calcification, is not used to make mist. Wide range of capacity from 1,8 liters / per hour to 48 liters per hour. Standart 230V power suply is neccessary. Aditional pump for suplying water from tank without pressure is option.